Stone Worktops

Stone Worktops Serve Many Purposes

While worktops come in many different styles and materials from wood to metals, stone worktops remain a favorite. There are many good reasons for the popularity of stone worktops starting with its worry-free upkeep. Wood needs to be treated and is vulnerable to scratching. Metals, though more durable may not be as pleasing to look at in addition to being susceptible to denting and tarnishing or even rust.

Stone brings the durability that is found in the toughest material, is resistant to dents, scratches, fading and more while delivering aesthetic appeal. ST Stone Works has installed beautiful worktops in some of the finest luxury establishments and is now working with residential properties too.

Stone worktops offer plenty of variety in looks while standing up under the pressures of use. Our team can help you find the right worktop for your needs and we offer the highest quality installation from stone experts who love what they do.


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