Granite is Always a Good Choice

When we think of worktops and bar tops we often imagine granite. There is a good reason for that. Granite is not only durable, it is also aesthetically pleasing. Our family at ST Stone Works, of Suffolk UK have been working with stone and granite for more than two decades and we put that experience to work for you and you next granite project.

Another benefit of granite is its ease of maintenance. It is simple to maintain, take care of and clean. Depending on the forum, a variety of style and finishes can be applied to deliver the right look and feel for your worktop, regardless of where that is. It is helpful to remember, however, that granite is a natural stone which means it is limited in color variations.

A little soap and water (be mindful not to allow spills to sit as granite is susceptible to staining), and there is little else you will ever need to do. Easy to work with, easy on the eyes and easy to care for - there is a good reason we often think of granite, in fact, there are 


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